Statement of Candidacy

I am running to Represent the People of the Illinois First Congressional District in order to bring oxygen to a set of ideas and Policy positions which can help solve the unique problems faced in the First District. I am running to bring Respect back to our public discourse. I am running to bring an independent voice and vision to the First District.

I am a small businessman who spent the last decade working on incubating local businesses throughout our district. I have watched local homeowners and businesses harassed by high taxes and aggressive city regulations. I bear witness to the violence which haunts our streets. We need to change our system and situation. We must come together as one people, all of us Americans. We need an Independent voice who will focus on the issues. I respectfully ask for your vote and support this November.

Science Is Real

Clean Air and Water are Important

Medicare in the Marketplace

Health Care Policy

Legalization of Marijuana

A Return to Freedom

Property Rights

4th Amendment Issues

Stop the Violence

Criminal Justice Issues

Voting Rights

14th Amendment Issues

Jobs, Jobs and More Jobs

Economic Policy

Education is a Right

Education Policy

Promoting Republics

Foreign Policy

Stop the Overregulation

A Litmus Test for Gov't Regulation

Race to the Bottom

Ending Corporate Welfare

Rebuild America

Infrastructure Policy

We the People

Immigration Policy

Civil Rights

City of Chicago

Municipal Issues

State of Illinois

State Issues

Miscellaneous Policies

Thomas Rudbeck

A Personal Biography